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Very little attention is paid today to the choice of a Forex broker, but it is his honesty and those trading conditions, which the company provides, directly affect the financial result of the trader. Even if a trader is a professional but will cooperate with an unscrupulous company, he will lose all his money.

The first rule of choosing a successful broker is to trust only reliable companies working for many years and having an impeccable reputation among their clients. Exness is such a

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Right now, we are going to look at a few facts about this broker, and you will understand why millions of clients around the world trust it:

  • the firm has been operating since 2008 and provides its clients with the broadest range of services for trading in financial markets
  • exness is officially registered in Saint Vincent and Grenadines.
  • the company offers all customers the best conditions for trading in stock market, forex and other financial markets
  • for more details on all the services the company offers, please visit the official website
  • there is no country in the world today that has not heard about this broker. The company has really spread its activities across the globe, focusing on the maximum coverage of users. Today, the customers of this company are residents of Asia, the CIS, and, of course, America.
  • the company’s work is regulated and monitored by the leading regulators, thanks to which the protection of clients’ interests and the firm’s stable operation are guaranteed.

Exness does its best to provide access to global financial markets and provide only high-quality services to all its customers. Today there are several representatives of this broker globally, and the company is constantly innovating to become even more accessible and better for its clients

Exness Review - Prime Forex Broker

What is Exness Broker Company ? What Do We Know About Exness?

The number of those wishing to trade financial instruments in the stock, cryptocurrency, and Forex markets is constantly growing. Exness broker successfully fills this need by providing high-quality services of access to global financial markets to everyone who wants to trade and one of the most attractive trading conditions.

exness trading

Regardless of the country a trader resides in, the trader can always conclude a contract with an Exness company, choose the most appropriate for his Exness accounts and start trading metals, currencies, indices, shares, and other instruments. The first thing you should know about Exness broker is that you don’t have to look for all the features you need to trade in different places.

Right on the company’s platform, you will have access to financial market analytics that are regularly updated, training for beginners, a trading calculator, all the necessary indicators, and other features. This requires an Exness broker sign up.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to cooperate with a safe broker, with whom your interests will be 100% protected, then Exness company will be your best choice. Major financial auditors, in particular Deloitte, one of the leading auditors globally, confirm the company’s absolute transparency, reflecting it in their reports.

Exness group is interested in that each client receives equal and maximum opportunities to trade all available financial instruments, particularly Exness broker spread. The company fulfills all its obligations and tries to help traders achieve their goals by providing them with maximum opportunities for success.

Is Exness Trusted by traders?

“Can I trust Exness global?” – is the first question that worries all clients who choose a broker for trading on financial markets. Exness company has been working in the market for more than a year, and during that time, it has managed to earn the trust of hundreds of thousands of its clients by providing high-quality service, which not all the competitors can do.

But what’s more important – the world financial auditors have repeatedly confirmed that Exness Company works honestly and transparently for the benefit of its clients. Being one of the four most famous auditors, Deloitte regularly checks the company by all indicators and constantly draws the same conclusion: Exness group deserves the trust of its clients, there is no doubt about it. Clients themselves confirm that during the time of working with Exness group they have never had any serious problems, and even if they occurred, the broker’s support service solved everything as quickly as possible.

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Exness is duly regulated

Many clients are worried about the fact that they can contact an unregulated broker, after which no one will be able to protect their interests in case of conflicts. If you start your cooperation with Exness group, you do not need to worry about your interests, because the company’s activity is 100% legal, no matter what country of the world you reside in.

Even now, the work of exness is regulated by such bodies as:

  1. Financial Conduct Authority (FSCA)
  2. Central Bank of Curaçao and Saint Martin (CBCS) Financial Services Authority (FSA)
  3. Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC)
  4. Financial Services Commission (FSC) – British Virgin Islands
  5. Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

The first rule of any trader who opens an account with a broker is: always check if the brokerage firm is regulated or not. As you can see, the work of the Exness company is regulated, which guarantees the protection of the interests of all clients. Moreover, the company itself never acts against its clients. However, on the contrary, it is interested in their success in trading any financial instruments because they receive their profit from the commission, and the more transactions the clients carry out, the better both for the clients themselves and for the brokerage company.

Exness Group Awards

The main goal of Exness broker activity is to provide high-quality services to its clients but not to win awards. And yet, despite this, the awards themselves find the company. The Exness group was repeatedly included in the rating of the best brokers in the world. Exness forex is an excellent example. Thanks to its impeccable reputation, high degree of reliability, and a huge number of important services, the company was able to win the following awards:

  • Most Transparent FX Broker of the Year 2019 (World Finance)
  • Global FX Broker of the Year 2019 (The European).
Exness Group Awards

At the same time, Exness company never rests on its laurels and always tries to improve the quality of its service, providing all clients with access to the best trading conditions and working for the benefit of clients, rather than striving for any awards. And, nevertheless, thanks to the fact that Exness receives these awards, clients have no doubt that working with this firm will be the most profitable, pleasant and comfortable.

What differentiates Exness Company from other trading brokers?

What makes Exness company different from other brokerage firms? There are 1000000 different arguments to list, but in general, unlike other companies, this international broker strives to offer the most comprehensive range of trading opportunities, low spreads, and additional tools to help in trading

Other advantages include:

  1. One hundred percent regulation. This provides clients with the highest level of security. They can concentrate on trading and not think about anything else as their interests are protected in any case.
  2. Possibility to trade on any financial markets and all existing instruments today – stocks, currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, bonds, CFD, metals, and many others.
  3. High leverage and fair exness broker spread.
  4. Maximum security of client’s funds by storing them on segregated accounts.
  5. Exness own academy, where everyone can get all the necessary knowledge to trade on the financial markets absolutely free of charge.
  6. A set of additional interesting tools and opportunities, in particular social trading, Exness calculator, and many others.

Speaking of disadvantages, we should highlight the absence of a multi-currency account. In addition, some clients had conflict situations, but most of them were caused by the clients themselves due to misunderstanding or not taking into account some peculiarities of trading. The traders mismanaged their capital and broke the rules of trading discipline, and then blamed their mistakes on the broker, who was in no way to blame.

Those traders, who are well aware of their risks and practice smart trading, get excellent opportunities to earn money.s

Exness Market Tools and Analytical Instruments

For the most effective and profitable trading on financial markets, every trader needs to be able to trade not just one or two but a whole range of trading instruments. In particular, precious metals, cryptocurrencies, securities, currency pairs, and other assets. Exness broker allows you to do all this. Deal freely in indices, commodities, metals, currencies, and even energy. So, what tools does Exness broker offer its users? Let’s take a look at it right now.


Daily trading volume at the Forex market is measured in billions of dollars, and therefore, every trader simply must have an opportunity to conclude deals in the most popular currency pairs. Exness Group pays special attention to trading opportunities in the forex market, offering access even to exotic currency pairs.

With this company, you can effectively make money on the growth of certain currencies as well as on their fall. The peculiarity of this company policy is the absence of any restrictions and complete freedom of action of the trader. The company provides all exclusively favorable trading conditions and all necessary tools for successful Forex trading.

Energy Resources

Although oil and other energy sources are not as volatile as currency pairs, the price movements of these assets are easy to predict, which traders can use. A specific set of factors determines the demand for these resources. The price-performance of such assets will not be surprising to experienced traders, primarily due to Exness broker opportunities. Just remember that any trading should be as informed as possible.

Take into account all political, environmental, and economic factors before you make a trading decision. The time of year and weather conditions, and other important factors can influence the price of oil and other resources to fall or rise quite sharply. Either way, you can always count on your broker’s support when trading these assets.

Precious Metals

If you have always wanted to trade gold or other precious metals, you can open an account now and start earning from the rise and fall of this and other precious metals.

Gold is a great investment asset when the markets are in crisis and investors want to protect their capital by all means. However, even when the markets are relatively calm, it is a popular asset among novice and more experienced investors. Open Exness accounts today and start trading gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and other metals and make money.


Trading cryptocurrencies is considered to be a hazardous occupation, but only if you approach it without knowledge. There are a vast number of effective cryptocurrency trading strategies nowadays which bring their results. The most important thing is to get access to up-to-date information and make informed decisions, and, of course, enlist the support of a reliable broker such as Exness.

Today, almost all cryptocurrencies are on the rise, and therefore, every day, doubting whether you should enter this market or not, you are losing a potential earning opportunity. Pay the minimum commission for all cryptocurrency trades at a reliable broker, bringing your success closer.

Exness Accounts Types – Standart, Pro, Cent etc.

Choosing a reliable partner to trade the stock market and other markets is only half the battle. You should also not forget about the importance of selecting the proper trading account. What kind of trading account you choose will determine your capabilities and what leverage you will be able to choose if necessary, what commissions you will pay, what margin requirements you will need to comply with, and so on.

Open Exness Account

All Exness accounts can be divided into several types. The first ones are great for professional traders, and the second category refers to the standard ones. Your trading style will also be one of the critical choices for this or that account. For instance, if you are planning on opening a standard account, there are several options you can choose from: cent or regular account. The choice is a bit wider for professional traders: they can choose Pro, Zero, and Raw Spread. Right now, you will find out all the details of each account that the company offers to its clients.

How shall I create an account? How to Choose the Exness account correctly?

The first and most important thing you need to do for successful trading in financial markets is to register an account. You have already had a chance to get acquainted with some of the features of Exness accounts, and you have probably chosen the one that suits you best.

Not every beginning trader is ready to risk real money to gain experience, although you can’t do without it. You can always get it on a demo account, where you can acquire this experience without any risk to your budget.

If you are ready to earn real money, then one of the following accounts will suit you:

  1. A Standard account. Orders are executed very quickly, and there are no stringent deposit requirements or other conditions. This account would be an excellent solution for traders who have some experience and do not want to invest in 120 different currency pairs and other high-yield instruments.
  2. Exness pro. Professional traders open orders very often, whereas not all brokers may welcome it. If you choose this account, you can be confident that there will be no objections, and you can open as many orders as you want. Spread is only 0.1 point, you can trade both large and small volumes.
  3. Cent account. This account is perfect for beginners who want to test their trading strategies but do not want to risk any money. Lots as small as 0.01 cents are available for trading.
  4. Raw Spread. The advantage of this account is the fixed commission per lot and almost instant order execution. You will regularly receive low spreads, and you can open as many trades as you like.
  5. Zero. The feature of this account is the ability to trade with zero spreads for 30 different instruments. The account is a good choice for those traders who rely on trading robots in their work. In addition, you will pay a commission of only $3.5 per lot.

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Fees & Spreads

It’s impossible to say for sure what commission traders will pay. After all, if you open a zero account, you will need to pay $3.5, whereas the commission will be completely different when opening other accounts. For example, by opening a Standard or Pro account, you will not have to pay any commission while trading. You will pay a commission of up to $3.5 when you open a Raw account.

Another factor that will affect the commission is holding a position open for more than 1 day or closing it on the same day. Rollover and overnight commissions are common for all brokers, and the latter can be paid by the user as a standard fee or provided as a refund.

As you know, some companies charge their clients a commission for literally everything, even for depositing in their accounts. Exness has taken a different tack, and that is why the firm does not charge its clients for depositing or withdrawing money from their accounts. However, it is essential to note that payment service providers sometimes charge a commission for such transactions. If you want to perform these operations without commission, be sure to clarify this point with the payment provider.

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Exness Broker Leverage

Leverage is a true salvation for beginners who simply do not have the capital to trade a standard lot of 100,000 units of the base currency in Forex. Even if you make profitable trades, but your capital is incredibly small, you will need to trade for a very long time in order to make good money. Leverage from Exness can save the situation, and you won’t have to wait long before you reach a stable and high income.

So what makes this company different from many others? It provides leverage with a minimum of restrictions, while many other brokers, on the contrary, try to limit the client’s choice.

Many beginning traders come to the Forex market with a great desire to succeed, but with a capital of just $500-1000. However, instead of gradually increasing the capital and wasting their time, they can turn to the company and use the leverage in order to be able to use the sum of $20,000 – $4,000 or even more.

Exness Broker Leverage

If a trader fixes a profit on a deal, he will have only to return the borrowed funds and keep all the profits. Every day, more and more investors are using this tool. The company offers no unlimited leverage but up to 1:2000, and also gives the opportunity to quickly make all the necessary calculations on a special Exness calculator.

Also note that the more equity you have, the less leverage you will eventually be able to use. Let us assume that your capital does not exceed $1000. The Exness company will allow you to use absolutely any amount of leverage, while with a capital of $200,000 or more, only 1:100 is available. Such a limitation was introduced primarily to limit investor risks.

This is also the difference between this company and any other. At Exness, they are interested in ensuring that you earn at reasonable risk instead of losing all of your capital in a single transaction using the maximum leverage.

By the way, according to many experienced financial market players, the optimal ratio of equity to leverage is 1:5 and no more.

Deposits and Withdrawals

When do traders most often miss out on an excellent opportunity to acquire an interesting asset and make money on it? Of course, this is often caused by the inability to quickly analyze the market and determine the most attractive assets for investment. However, the problem is often the long crediting of funds to the account due to the broker’s fault. With Exness, this situation never happens.

Exness Withdrawal

The company has done its best to provide its clients with a wide range of depositing and withdrawing options. Customers just do not have to worry, now they can take advantage of any favorable opportunity to invest in any asset, because the money will be credited to their trading account as quickly as possible.

Exness Deposit

In addition to the high speed of crediting to the account and withdrawing funds from the account, many customers note the maximum convenience of this process due to the pleasant and intuitive interface of the website. As for account funding methods, you certainly will not be limited in your choice, and you will be able to deposit money through the most popular payment systems. The money will come to your account quickly, regardless of whether you deposit it on a working day or a weekend.

What is the Exness Minimum deposit?

Before you fund your trading account with the broker, be sure to pay attention to the minimum deposit requirements. As with any other aspect of its work, exness strives to remove any restrictions for its clients and make working with the company as convenient and easy as possible.

If you open a Professional account, the minimum deposit will be only $200. In the case of opening a Standard account, the company does not impose any restrictions on the minimum deposit, and everything will depend on the requirements of the payment systems you use.

One more important point: before you make your first deposit, be sure to check your verification. Always check the recipient information before sending money, and do not forget that you will have to withdraw money in the same currency you deposited it in.


Withdrawals Rules

Withdrawing money from your account can be a real problem for any trader, but not for Exness clients. By cooperating with this company, you will be able to withdraw your funds without any restrictions 24 hours a day. You can find detailed information about available payment systems for withdrawing funds in your personal cabinet. You’ll get access to the latest information on how quickly the money will arrive to your account and what commission you’ll have to pay.

Withdrawals Rules

Regardless of which payment system you choose, be sure to keep a few rules in mind:

  1. Money is withdrawn to the account only in that way, by which the account was created.
  2. You will be able to withdraw only funds that are available according to the margin. You can get information about the margin in your personal cabinet.
  3. In case you used several payment systems simultaneously when depositing the account for the first time, you will be able to withdraw this money in the same proportions in the future.
  4. When cashing out money, it is necessary to consider the priority of payment systems. For example, you can minimize your waiting time by transferring money to a bank card first and then using bitcoin and all other methods.

There is also the concept of the grace period. During this period, the client will not have any restrictions on withdrawals, but they will not be able to withdraw money to a bank card and use cryptocurrencies.

Most often, all withdrawal transactions Exness company conducts without commission, but the speed of the enrollment of this money will directly depend on the payment system you choose.

Every day the company’s specialists are doing their best to make the withdrawal process even more convenient and easier for the clients than before, and this despite the fact that the company has no problems with this aspect of work, judging by the reviews of clients.

Exness Trading Platforms

Another advantage of this broker can be considered the possibility of choosing one of the convenient trading platforms. While other companies often offer their terminals, which are not very convenient and do not have sufficient tools for trading, Exness offers only popular platforms such as mt4 and mt5 – Exness Trading Platform Download. In addition, the company offers its own trading terminal, which already has all the necessary indicators, oscillators, and other tools for market analysis.

Trading Platforms MT4 or MT5

MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

It should not come as a surprise that many clients prefer Exness MT4. Despite the creation of other versions, this trading terminal is considered a classic and contains all the necessary functions for a trader. The user-friendly interface of the terminal allows even novice traders to quickly grasp everything and respond promptly to new trading opportunities.

The terminal can be effectively used not only on your computer but also on any mobile device. In addition, unique encryption algorithms are used, so users do not have to doubt the high level of security.

MetaTrader 5 (MT5)

If the fourth version of the popular MetaTrader 5 for some reason did not suit you or if you need access to more features and capabilities, in this case, you should take a closer look at exness mt5. This platform has extended functionality and is even more convenient for making decisions.

Compared to the fourth version, additional order types have been added to mt5 and customizable timeframes. They were also present in the fourth version, but in a much smaller number – only 9 timeframes, while the fifth version has 21. Also, do not forget about the additional features that are immediately available to mt5 users

Trading WebTerminal

If you do not want or for some reason can not install the terminal on your computer, you can always use WebTerminal, working in it directly from your browser.

Exness Trading WebTerminal

In its functions, this terminal is almost as good as the popular MT4 and mt5. However, the user gets access to the 20 most popular trading tools installed by default and can be complemented by other tools, if necessary. In addition, you will be able to quickly use this terminal by simply entering your trading account number, password, and username. You don’t have to do anything unnecessary.

A nice feature will be one-click trading, where you can literally set all the necessary orders in a few seconds.

The broker’s clients have already appreciated the convenience and functionality of the terminal.

Exness Terminal

Exness Terminal is the latest development of Exness specialists, who took into account all the needs of their users when creating it.

The advantage of using this trading platform is the opportunity to get access to the latest changes and innovations made here on a regular basis. By choosing this terminal, you will be able to access features not available to users of other platforms.

Exness Terminal

How can I access this terminal? Only clients of the broker have access to this terminal. As soon as you register your personal account, you only need to make one click on the “Trade” button and then select Exness Terminal.

A nice new feature of this terminal is a special chat-bot based on artificial intelligence technology and information technology. Now, you will always have your own personal assistant at your fingertips, who will help you find answers to all your questions. You’ll also find more than 50 different drawing tools and over 100 indicators. It takes just one click to set all the necessary buy and sell orders, set parameters for these orders, and access additional features.

Exness Social Trading Experience

At the beginning of their trading career, all beginners show different results, but they have one thing in common – they are all very intolerant of high risks. Fear of losing your money leads to making wrong decisions, but this can be avoided thanks to Exness social trading service.

All you need to make successful trades is to simply copy professionals’ strategies for informational purposes or repeat their actions. It sounds too simple, but it really is. The trader pays from 0 to 50% commission for such a service.

Exness Social Trading Experience

A social trading account will allow you to work effectively with metals, cryptocurrencies, and currency pairs, but not with energy, indices or stocks. You can choose which account to open – Standard or Pro – by taking advantage of the social trading service. If you choose the Standard account, you will need to deposit it from $500, spread will be 0.3 pips, and in case of the Pro account, the minimum deposit will be $2000, spread will be 0.1 pips and more.

Market Analysis & Research Tools

Exness group never ceases to provide its clients with the most exciting and very useful opportunities for profitable trading.

Some of the tools we would like to draw your attention to:

  1. Currency Converter. All rates are updated every second, so you can promptly and without unnecessary efforts convert one currency into another, and do not doubt in the accuracy of the data obtained
  2. Trader’s Calculator. A trader’s work is stressful as it is, so the need to make additional calculations only adds to the problems. With the trader’s calculator, all the calculations will be made with a single click and in a few simple steps. Calculate margin, pip value, swaps, and other position parameters without any effort.
  3. Economic calendar. As you know, a massive list of events influences the value of assets traded on the financial markets. So that you don’t have to search for all the news on various websites, you just need to use the economic calendar from Exness. Now you won’t be surprised by any important event.
  4. VPS Hosting. That is another helpful service from the broker, which allows you to quickly connect to a remote terminal and access all the functions as if you trade on your computer. In this case, you trade and are fully assured of a high level of security, as well as protected from additional problems, such as power outages and so on.
  5. Web TV. You can spend time to find the latest financial news in various sources, but why do it when Exness has a web TV service. You get the whole video stream from the most prominent stock exchanges at once and for free.
Exness Trader Calculator

Trading Education at Exness Academy

Lack of knowledge is a real problem for any beginning trader. However, the academy will solve this problem quickly and efficiently by providing access to all the most necessary knowledge. You’ll get an introductory course without unnecessary and contradictory information. Thousands of broker’s clients have already taken this course and are satisfied with the results, and most importantly, they understand how to apply all this knowledge in practice.

Exness Trading Education

Training at Exness academy is your chance to get the most valuable knowledge absolutely free as a nice bonus.

Customer Support Team – Exness is a client-oriented company

A distinctive feature of this broker is the maximum orientation on the client and his needs. While other companies offer standard solutions, which are not always suitable in a specific situation, in Exness they always listen to the client and try to offer the best way to solve any problem.

Exness is a client-oriented company

Even if you do not know English well for some reason, it is not a problem because the residents of Russia, Portugal, Spain, France, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Arab countries, and Great Britain and China receive support in their native language.

You don’t even have to contact the operators to get an answer to your question – it’s enough to use the Help Center, which already contains all the most popular questions and answers. If you still have to talk to an operator, you can do it via chat by finding a special button in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Conclusion about EXNESS Group

Although today many companies offer their intermediary services for access to financial markets, not all of them do it in the interests of their clients, charging them huge commissions and providing frankly scarce tools for trading.

So it’s not surprising that Exness company services are becoming more and more popular because this broker is already offering the best trading conditions on the market.

By choosing the services of this company, you get access to the most popular assets, and on deals with many assets, you will not even have to pay a commission, which is really nice and in fact unique.

The social trading service allows you to earn by simply copying the trades of professionals. And, of course, a nice touch is the professional technical support, which is focused on customer needs and always ready to listen to any problem, finding an effective solution.

Add to this a wide range of trading platforms and a guarantee of exceptional security, and you get all the conditions for successful trading in the financial markets. Get more opportunities with a reliable and trusted broker.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Exness All About?

Exness is a reliable and verified company that has been offering its services for access to the largest financial markets since 2008. The largest organizations regulate the activity of this company, the auditor Deloitte characterizes the company’s work as honest, transparent, and reliable. The broker provides access to a wide range of assets to everyone and provides the opportunity to use the most popular trading platforms for effective work.

Is Exness Trustworthy?

Since the largest accounting firms constantly check the company’s work, we can safely say that users can trust Exness.

Does Exness have Nasdaq?

The broker provides clients with access to Nasdaq through the USTECm platform. This platform is a proprietary development of the company’s specialists.

How Is Exness Regulated?

The company is regulated by a number of organizations:

  • Financial Services Authority (FSA)
  • Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC)
  • Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
  • Financial Conduct Authority (FSCA)
  • Central Bank of Curaçao and Saint Martin (CBCS)
  • Financial Services Commission (FSC) – British Virgin Islands

How many trading accounts can I have in my Personal Area?

Each user can create up to 400 trading accounts.

How does Exness Trading Work?

In order to get access to all the opportunities in trading on financial markets, you first need to register and open an Exness account. Then you will be able to replenish your deposit and choose the trading instruments and assets that interest you. The company offers all beginning traders an opportunity to take part in the academy as well as to try your forces on cent accounts.

Exness – How to Trade?

At the very beginning of cooperation with the company, you need to go through a simple registration, specifying only the most necessary data, as well as verify your account. In the personal office, you will see all the available methods of depositing to the account. As soon as the account is funded, you will be able to make transactions using one of the most popular trading terminals.

What is the difference between Standard and Pro account types?

These types of accounts differ in various parameters, in particular, the minimum deposit, spread, trading instruments that are available for the work of a trader, as well as other features.

What is the Minimum Deposit for Exness?

You can get access to trading opportunities with this broker by depositing even $10.

Where is Exness Broker Located?

The headquarters of this brokerage firm are located in Limassol, Cyprus.

Does Exness withdraw on weekends?

Yes, working with this company, you can quickly and easily withdraw your money even on weekends without any restrictions by choosing the most convenient way.

Is scalping trading allowed on Exness?

While other brokerage companies impose various restrictions on scalpers, Exness allows users to freely use scalping strategies.

Can you trade indices on Exness?

Yes, this broker allows its clients to trade a wide range of assets, including indices.

Does Exness accept Bitcoin?

The company has a positive attitude to cryptocurrencies and their use, so you can easily deposit your account in bitcoins and withdraw money in this cryptocurrency.

What is Exness Social Trading?

Social trading is a truly innovative service whereby novice traders can earn by simply copying the trades of experienced traders and paying a commission for this service. If you are a professional yourself, you can earn by offering your strategies to other users.